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With this publication we set out to determine whether poetry could be interpreted in new and potent ways through the use of video. The answer was a resounding yes, and the poetry videos we found took forms we could not have anticipated, though we tried. An idea of what a poetry video could be was with us when we started our search, but we decided to see what was actually out there and were blown away. Look no further than to our featured performance of Ocean Vuong's “Deto(nation)” which takes the "reading" of poetry to new territory, or to our featured animation of Ross Gay's “Poem To My Child, If Ever You Shall Be” which seamlessly and tastefully binds poetry, music, and subtle visuals. But actually, please do look further. Throughout the issue, a collision of perspectives, artistic disciplines, and backgrounds has allowed for work that we found to be both novel and inspiring. We hope you enjoy.

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Issue 1

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Ocean Vuong & Michele Sganga - Deto(nation) (live) - Vuong's Eleven - Fondazione Primoli (6.12.2018)
Michele Sganga

Ocean Vuong & Michele Sganga - Deto(nation) (live) - Vuong's Eleven - Fondazione Primoli (6.12.2018)

For other previews: Info about the Composer: Info about the Poet: Info about the Singer: Deto(nation)* Text: Ocean Vuong / Music: Michele Sganga Voice: Riccardo Primitivo Fiorucci *"Deto(nation)" copyright © 2016 Ocean Vuong (from "Night Sky With Exit Wounds", Copper Canyon Press). Used and reprinted with permission of Author. All Rights Reserved. This preview of Michele Sganga’s project "Vuong’s Eleven", a series of ten + one songs based on Ocean Vuong's poems, was recorded live at the Primoli Foundation on December 6th, 2018. The songs were presented during a special event that focused on the relation between the songs and Vuong's poems. In a public debate that accompanied the performance, Michele Sganga and Professor Riccardo Capoferro ("Sapienza" University of Rome) discussed the relation between music and poetry, the aesthetic project that informed "Vuong's Eleven", and Ocean Vuong's powerful and inspiring poems. "Deto(nation)" is a song taken from: "Vuong’s Eleven" Ten plus One Ocean Vuong’s Poems  Set to Music by Michele Sganga Composer: Michele Sganga Poems: Ocean Vuong Baritone: Riccardo Primitivo Fiorucci Piano: Michele Sganga Video Post Production: Chiara Babuin Audio Post Production: Sonicview Studio - Rome ( Live recorded on December 6th, 2018 at the Primoli Foundation - Rome ( Special thanks to Matteo de Rossi, Massimo Palma, Irene Ranzato, and Primoli Foundation Staff: Valeria, Cecilia, Fabrizio, Lorenzo.
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Whatever your level of experience, whether you're working with specialized equipment or you only have a phone to film with, we would love to see your work! Check out the submissions form linked below if you think you might be

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